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Is This The New Facebook Email?

You’ve probably heard of the new email system which Facebook would be releasing on Monday.¬†Apparently, the login page of this new feature is already live. Check the screenshot below.

You want to try it yourself? Go to http://mail.facebook.com/. Weirdly, the page gets redirected to Thefacebook. However, it also shows that it is supported by Outlook Web App. Moreover, the copyright is dated 2010. So, could this really be the actual login page of the new Facebook email?

Interestingly, if this screenshot is true … It can also be confirmed that the new email will be powered by Outlook Web App. Of course, it sounds rather difficult for Facebook to build a new email system from scratch. So, why not use Outlook Web App? So, now that you know that it will be powered by Outlook Web App, you could probably guess the design

So, here you go with some more information about the new Facebook email. You now know about the login page and also that it will be powered by Outlook Web App. Till then prepare yourself to get your *@facebook.com email address on Monday. Have a nice weekend!