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Gelane and Mauritius

Gelane is among the first cyclones of 2010 which will affect both Mauritius and Rodrigues.

During the past hours, Gelane has weaken but continues to approach Mauritius. A cyclone warning class 2 is still in force in Rodrigues and most probably a cyclone warning class 1 will be in force in Mauritius during the afternoon.

The weather in Mauritius is rather sunny for the time being. You can expect heavy rain as from tonight or tomorrow. Gelane won’t really cause strong winds though.

Track graphic of Gelane from Meteo France

As you can see in the above track graphic from Meteo France, Gelane will be nearest to Mauritius on Monday but it won’t be so strong. The track graphic above is taken directly from Meteo France and can change depending on new trajectories.

So friends, have a rainy and windy weekend and perhaps there will be no school on Monday! Yay!

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